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Starcrossed: Volume One

Starcrossed: Volume One

Dating. Everyone does it. Not everyone likes it. Good or bad, we all have stories to tell. Enter the Internet. Now we all have way more stories to tell. Only one of us is living with a little blue alien that women find irresistible.

Starcrossed: Volume One is the first book collection of Starcrossed comics. 90 pages of content with over 140 comics plus extra behind the scenes goodies never before published all in one easy to read package.

We suggest reading with a cup of coffee. Possibly at a local cafe where the glossy full color cover may just catch the eye of that cute guy or girl sitting across from you.

Forward by James Anderson of Ellie On Planet X.

Choose a regular edition or an artist edition with a character sketch on a special page just inside the front of the book. You can see a sample here.

  • $10.00 Regular Edition (signed)
  • $20.00 Artist Edition (signed with sketch on inside page)


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