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About The Artist

Since you asked

I was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I work full time from my home studio as a cartoonist and illustrator. Over the past decade I have worn a lot of hats as the focus of my work has slowly shifted.When I was very young I just wanted to draw cartoons of any kind, inspired by classic Looney Tunes and Disney animation. In my teens, that drive quickly shifted focus to comic strips. Bill Amend (FoxTrot), Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows) Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman (Zits) and the venerable Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) were my canon. My own strip, Jungle Jazz, was published in The Argosy, the campus weekly paper at Mount Allison University where I graduated with a Fine Art Degree in 2001. Eager to pursue a career in syndicated comics Jungle Jazz was submitted to and rejected by Creators Press Syndicate that same year. I decided a better way to make a living with my pencil was to take a serious look into animation.

Animating for television was a fun way to jumpstart my career. I had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented people in a creative environment geared towards churning out a ton of content. Over

several years I worked with studios locally and internationally via the web. I was lucky enough to gain experience working on shows like Mucha Lucha and George Of The Jungle. In 2008 animation work here at home was hard to come by. I moved into super- vising projects and production management, which despite being a great learning experience, ended up being more spreadsheets than drawing. I took the opportunity to move on to my long time career goal of independent cartooning and illustration.Starcrossed is a return to my love of comic strips. The popu- larity and freedom of publishing comics online rekindled my interest and provided a new, wider audience. Working from home full time and researching online comics I discovered the wonderful world of podcasting. The podcast Webcomics Weekly and the book How To Make Webcomics were pivotal in wrapping my head around webcomics. My podcast feeds were quickly saturated with great geeky shows like Extralife Radio and Comics Coast to Coast along with too many others to list here. The obsession turned into a hobby in 2010 when I started The Dating Digital Podcast. Currently, I host and produce The Citadel Café, a pop culture show centered on sci-fi and fantasy entertainment. I am also flattered to say that I have been a regular co-host on Comics Coast to Coast since 2011.

Writing and drawing Starcrossed is easily the highlight of my week.