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Starcrossed follows the lives of Charlie and his alien roommate Sam as they brave the great unknown of dating. New comics are currently being published twice monthly.

Charlie Decker is a textbook beta male. The few risks he takes are calculated. Charlie has a romantic side that he never really gets to show because he crumbles into a pile of self doubting spineless mush whenever he’s around a woman. Charlie is on the geeky side of average. He likes good coffee, real pizza and craft beer. He reads comics and loves anything sci-fi. He wears jeans and sneakers when at all humanly possible… and he is completely baffled by women.
Although Sam (Samael) hasn’t been living with Charlie very long he’s managed to figure out how to push most of his buttons. Sam’s extraterrestrial intelligence usually leaves him a bit bored. He is outspoken, confident and a bit incorrigible. Unlike Charlie, Sam does not have any trouble meeting women. They flock to him like he’s walking down the street with a puppy. This, above everything else, annoys Charlie to no end.