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Crossing T’s & Dotting I’s
Now that the server issues with my sites seems to be behind me – knock on wood – I have been able to make a lot of progress on the final Starcrossed: Volume One Indiegogo packages.

Artist Editions
Every Artist Edition copy of Starcrossed: Volume One is finished! Most are ready to go out with my next trip to the post office. A handful will have to wait to be shipped with the contents of the larger reward packages like the
9 x 12 black and white commissions and
original Starcrossed comic strips.

Please Choose Your Reward
If you supported the Indiegogo campaign at the Cappuccino,
Caramel Macchiato, Pumpkin Spice Latte
or Big Bean levels I need you to respond to my email(s) ASAP so that I can fulfill the packages with your requested commission and/or original comic strip art.

The Starcrossed T-shirt designs have been submitted to the folks at Once the proofs have been approved, I will be mailing out codes for a free Starcrossed T-shirt to folks with a T-shirt included in their perk package. There are four shirt designs to choose from, and several color combinations. The Marvelous Toy design is a womens shirt. However, the Starcrossed Cup design will be available in both mens and womens sizes.

I hope everyone is able to find something they like! — Here’s a peek: