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A quick status update on the fullfilment of the Starcrossed: Volume One Indiegogo rewards.

Cup A’ Joe
If you backed at the Cup A’ Joe level, your book has been shipped! In many cases Cup A’ Joe backers have already received their books, though some had to travel overseas – How cool is that!? – and there is a chance they are still in transit. If you are a Cup A’ Joe backer and have not yet received your book, drop me a line and I will fill you in on as many details as I can.

Dark Roast & Espresso

A handful of these orders have been shipped and have arrived at their new homes. I am happy to report that all Dark Roast and Espresso Artist Editions are complete and ready to go here in the studio with packaging and shipping happening by the end of the month.

French Press & Other T-shirt Packages
There has been a slight change in plans with regards to T-shirt printing and shipping. Your T-shirt will arrive separately from the rest of your package. Unfortunately the switch means the mens shirt will not be available in brown. However, both shirt images will be available in both mens and womens sizes. Previously I was only able to offer one image per gender. Colors available are black and white with a third color, ash grey, a possibility but not yet final. When your French Press or other T-shirt package is ready I will be in touch with details.

All / Other Levels
All other package levels are currently in my crosshairs and underway. If your package includes a commissioned piece or original Starcrossed comic, I will be in touch to gather details. Also for all backers the PDF print packages and official list of supporters and credits to be published on the blog are coming together and will be released this month.


I’m doing my best to work through these orders as fast as I can. Everyone I have been in contact with has been patient and understanding while they wait for their Starcrossed: Volume One package to arrive. I really appreciate it! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.