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Cool Thing Thursday No. 8

On the episode 49 of The Citadel Cafe… I decided to share with everyone a little iOS cartoony puzzle game I picked up for just $0.99 over the holidays. Pudding Monsters is the latest from ZeptoLab, the creators of Cut The Rope. Like it’s predecessor, Pudding Monsters is a fun, funny, well made little pick-me-up-put-me-down game for iPhone and iPad. Given the sheer amount of content, it’s a steal for $0.99. (Limited time launch pricing on the iPad version.)

The aim of the game is pretty simple. You are the pudding. People eat the pudding. This is bad for you. To thwart this horrific future, you must combine with other pudding to become a giant monster pudding. Eat them before they eat you. Without spoiling too much, the how to play and fun game quirks happens as you progress.

Go get your finger ready to play with your pudding!

PuddingMonsters1   PuddingMonsters2

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