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Cool Thing Thursday No. 1

Near the end of every episode of The Citadel Cafe myself and my co-hosts share some cool things we’ve spied online over the week. I thought a fun way to pass that along with Starcrossed readers would be to pass on one of those internet picks here on the blog. I’m dubbing it Cool Thing Thursday. Mainly because The Citadel Cafe records on Wednesday nights so I know I’ll always have something to share!

This week’s cool thing goes to Paton who shared a link to an article and several photos of Matthew Albanese’s work. Albanese builds and photographs miniature environments repurposing what most of us would consider pretty every day stuff. Combined with some stellar photography, the results speak for themselves.

A Behind The Scenes Glimpse
of Matthew Albanese’s Magical Miniature Worlds

by Michael Zhang
photos Matthew Albanese