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Happy Free Comic Book Day fine Starcrossed readers!

Be sure to stop by your local comic book shop today and check out the books that they will be handing out – you guessed it – for free! Bring the kids. Bring the wife. Bring your dog. We both know he reads your comics when you’re not looking.

(Psst… Free Starcrossed stuff. Keep reading.)

If you’re a Halifax local, Yelp Halifax is sponsoring the event at Quantum Frontier where you can enter a raffle to win a custom piece of black and white original art drawn by me! Of course, Cal down at Strange Adventures always has a super fun event for the whole family in the church hall around the corner from the Sackville Street shop, as well as a sale on in the store. Strange Adventures in Dartmouth and Fredericton also have events. The details on Strange Adventures Free Comic Book Day are here.

(The free stuff is coming. Seriously. Keep going.) 

In webcomics, every day is like a mini Free Comic Book Day. So, I’d like to encourage you to stop by your favorite cartoonist blog and say hi. You never know what they might be giving away on their site. If you have a favorite comic, make sure to tell all your friends about it. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter are great ways to spread the word. Here are some of my favorites!

And more…

(And now… Free stuff!)

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day I thought I would put up a few high res Starcrossed PDF prints to download. Click on your favorite, download the PDF file and print it out. Easy as pie. Mmmm… pie.

Hint: It’s Free Comic Book Day. You can click on more than one. ;)



All of the above prints have a printed area 4″ x 4″. Full PDF document size 8″ x 10″ and 300dpi.

Hope everyone has an awesome day!

I think I might just pop by the Dartmouth Strange Adventures Shop myself. Yes. I think I shall.

See you around!