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Unforeseen Delay

Due to some unforeseen circumstances this week’s Starcrossed comic will have to be posted later in the week. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when. I will be sure to post to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ when it’s up. Sorry for the delay.

Biggest Fan Podcast Guest Spot

Last week I was invited to record an episode of Biggest Fan Podcast with Kyle Fergusson and Brockett Vola. Biggest Fan is great show where Brockett and Kyle dive into the the “fad that’s driving you mad” and give you their two cents. Last week was...

Some Assembly Required

I’ve had this running gag in my head for a while. (Yup, I just made that pun.) So, when my buddy Jules Faulkner over at Promises Promises asked me to fill in for her today with a guest strip I thought, what better way to fill in than with a little cross over...