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Here is the recording of the Podcasting session from last Sunday at Podcamp Halifax. We hope everyone was able to take away something of value from the session. Please feel free to contact either Lara or I if you have any questions.


Podcamp Halifax 2012
Podcasting: Put Yourself Out There
w/ Joel Duggan & Lara Killian
2:45-3:30 pm January 22 2012
Helen Creighton Room, Alderney Landing

30min talk
15min of Q and A at the end.


  • Introductions
    • Who we are, what we do.
      • Joel
        • Starcrossed
        • Dating Digital Podcast
        • The Citadel Cafe
        • Comics Coat to Coast
        • Alpha Geek Radio Friday
      • Lara
        • Dating Digital Podcast
        • Command N

Why Podcast?

  • Joel
    • Have seen an increase in traffic, interest, and even some revenue from podcasting.
      • Think about how much a radio ad might cost you.
      • Guesting on another show is CHEAP – just your time.
      • Lots of overlap in podcast audiences. It can be like a mini focus group.

Content: The Idea

  • What do you talk about?
    • Lara
      • RE: DDP. We had conversations about this (dating) all the time, why not podcast them?
    • Joel
      • Talk about what you’re passionate / knowledgeable about already.
      • It should come naturally!
  • Who will care?
    • You’re “broadcasting” to a potentially huge audience, there is someone out there who is interested.
  • Things to consider
    • What role do you want to play on a podcast?
    • Do you prefer editing content over the sound of your own voice?
      • Find a co-host who likes to chat!
    • Are you comfortable submitting, creating, talking about content?
    • Are you ready to build a community to submit content for you to talk about?
    • Do you need to have things all planned out or would you be happy to record on the fly and see what happens?

Getting Set Up

  • Where to record? What to record with? Who to record with?
  • Hardware
    • Get a decent mic!
      • This could be anything from a $20 to a $150 professional consumer mic.
      • As long as the sound is clear and consistent.
    • Is it possible to borrow a mic from a friend before you invest?
  • Software
  • Garage Band (included on your Mac)
  • Techincal side of posting and submitting to iTunes are fairly easy to find on Google / YouTube.

The Flow

  • Basic show rundown
    • Intro
    • Small talk
    • Content/topic — Sometimes in sections
    • Email (if any)
    • Outro run
      • iTunes Reviews
      • Guest opportunity to plug
      • Contact info / social media for the show
  • Emulate shows you like!
  • Keeping it going!
    • Have some backup topics in case things go stale.
    • Have a backup co-host in case yours is unavailable.
  • Podcasts tend to be organic and change over time.
    • Joel
      • Laura takes over DDP co-host chair in 2011, one year after Lara & Joel founded the show.
      • Changes in DDP publication and length with co-host change.
        • Longer show, but only posted once a month.
    • Lara
      • Transitioning from audio to video (and HD video at that!)
      • Producing/content creation for commandN
      • commandN
        • Larger, more experienced team.
        • In its 7th year!
        • One of earliest and longest running video podcasts.


  • Don’t pause recording!
    • Just keep going and edit out bits you don’t like later – you’ll get used to the flow and make less mistakes as time goes on – this sounds way more natural than perfect delivery.
  • Check multiple iTunes stores, not just the Canadian store! Your listeners may be located elsewhere and their reviews fall under their store.
  • Food for thought: Article
Q & A
  1. “I’d like to know more about the mic…”
    Blue Microphones USB Yeti –
  2. “When you have two people talking, what kind of level of detail do you have in your scripts and how do you signal to one another that it’s time to move on?”
  3. “If you’re interviewing people that are unfamiliar to podcasting, how do you make them more comfortable?”
  4. “When starting a new podcast, do you have any tips on where to get your hosting?”
    Blogger – – – – –
  5. “How do you submit your podcast to iTunes?”
    Blubrry –
  6. “Once it’s recorded and you’ve finished your editing, what file format do you export the podcast in? Audio? Video?”
  7. “What kind of sound bites, as avid podcasters (and listeners) do you find most consumable?