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As I mentioned before, I have been drawing Starcrossed traditionally on bristol. I’m often curious about what other artists are using to make their comics. This may be a bit boring for some, but for anyone curious I’ve been using a 19″ x 24″ Strathmore pad of 100lb drawing bristol that I got on sale. I cut the pages into thirds, 8″ x 19″. The comic art, minus the logo and other artist info, is 16″ x 4.75″. For me, there’s something nice about leaving a decent border around the comic.

I pencil the strip with Col-Erase animation pencils. I prefer Carmine Red. Old habits die hard I guess. It also means I don’t have to worry about erasing my pencils. Right now I’m inking with 0.8 and 0.5 Micron pens. I’m sure they will continue to be in my drawer but I’m looking forward to trying other things as well. After that I scan the comic into Photoshop and drop the magenta and red levels down to get rid of the pencils and tweak a few things to make sure the line art is clear. Touch up the blacks, add some grey where needed and…

Presto! Let there be comic!